john gorman CPD mugshot
John Gorman is being charged with firing five rounds from a handgun at an off-duty suburban cop who tried to pull him over for driving recklessly   When reached for comment, Gorman responded to Chicago-Dirty with “Sorry for partying.”   You can read the full story below, what we found […]

Drunk Chicago Cop Who Shot at Other Cop Has Impressive ...

sex club chicago 1
  New sex club to open in River North.  Residents voice concerns.  Commodities traders get on waiting list behind politicians and lawyers. The olden days of sex clubs being located in industrial areas near the airport are officially dead if the proposed club gets city approval to open a location […]

New Sex Club Solidifies River North as Tourist Mecca of ...

trotter ohare gun
Scumbag State Senator Donne Trotter Doesn’t Think You are Responsible Enough to Own Guns. Tries to Bring Gun through O’Hare Airport. In the mix of all of the filthy politicians who use Chicago and the state of Illinois as their personal piggy bank and toilet, sometimes we forget the small-time […]

Flashback: Anti-Gun State Senator Tries to Bring Loaded Gun ...

halloween chicago arrests 1
If you're turning your smelly little beasts loose in Chicago to trick-or-treat today, you may want to steer clear of locations where kidnapping, offenses involving children, public indecency, human trafficking, and criminal sexual assault occurred during 2015

Places to Avoid when Trick-or-Treating in Chicago

O'Hare Chicago Cop
Heroic Cop Keeps Vigilant Eye Out for Evil-Doers, Apprehends Lyft Driver and Accomplice at O’Hare.  Chicago Streets are Safe Once Again! In case you have been living under a rock, our fearless leader, Rahm Emanuel is going to increase property taxes $543 million over the next four years, in addition […]

Heroic O’Hare Cop Protects the Public from Terrorist Lyft Driver

KIPP charter schools
KIPP Forces 5th Graders to ‘Earn’ Desks By Sitting On the Floor For a Week Tired of hearing about entitled youth, the effeminization of America, and all that’s wrong with millennials?  KIPP, the largest charter school chain (162 schools with 60,000 students in 20 states) who operates charter schools in […]

Chicago Charter School Blazing the Trail with Creative Learning Techniques

wheelchair chicago attack
“Attacker With Scissors Beats Up Man, Throws His Wheelchair Into Fountain” That’s the headline that DNAinfo put on a story from October 26th, 2015.  If you read the accounts of the events below, you will notice that they story is completely told from the side of the liberal wheelchair sympathizers […]

Chicago Citizens Growing More Impatient with Assholes in Wheelchairs

chicago income flowchart
Do you live in Chicago and want to know if you’re poor? Follow this flow chart to find out! The Correlation Between Cranes and Income in Chicago It isn’t out of the ordinary for higher-income areas to see development, since demand drives rent which drives construction.  What makes Chicago interesting […]

How to Tell if You’re Poor in Chicago

chicago credit downgrade img
Illinois credit was dropped from A- to BBB+ by Fitch citing outstanding bonds and government inability to pass a budget After receiving the news, Republicans went on to blame Democrats, poor blamed the rich, and vice-versa.  Everybody else just had a good laugh at the notion that Illinois is deserving […]

Illinois Credit Downgraded by Fitch

miss illinois convict 1
Ladies and gentlemen, here are your contestants for Miss Chicago Convict! These Chicagoland cuties may have criminal records, but I’m willing to bet that more than a few of you sleazeballs don’t mind. Click on their pic to get the dirty backstory Can I vote for Nicole from 2012? – […]

Miss Chicago Convict

Chicago restaurants failed health inspection 1
So far 1,856 restaurants have failed a health inspection in Chicago during 2015 Wealthy travelers and banquet guests are not immune to the filthiness of Chicago, one of the more recent failures was the Waldorf Astoria who had a kitchen shut down due to a fly infestation.  Check out the […]

Dirty Restaurants – Failed Inspections Include Waldorf Astoria

Local area man Neftali Centeno had a more interesting night than you:  covered in cocaine, local fugitive goes drag racing, has a high-speed chase with the cops through Chicago, followed by attempted vehicular murder of police. Mr. Centeno had been flying under the radar for several years after skipping a […]

Grand Theft Auto: Second City – Local Man Sets High ...